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I’m l0ll3 and I love toys
Hi! I'm lolle (Lorenza) and I'm a freelance illustrator and artist based in Italy. I have been drawing since I was 5 years old. I always loved to draw, to paint, to create objects, plush and clothes and I can't imagine my life without pencils, markers, brushes, acrylics... 
I use my illustrations to describe my world, a messy and pinky world populated by furry monsters, bizarre plushies, spooky dolls, cats, stylish babes, cosmic mermaids, pastel unicorns, colorful toys, ghost stories, flying bats, fairytales, striking clothes, pop culture, candies, cakes, dreamlike movies, fantasy books, and more ♥

this is my silly blog, where I talk about my "misadventures", my childhood, about my art and my artworks 
horror movies, monsters, toys, dolls, fairy tales, 80’s, style, fashion, trash and kitsch, creepy things, and more…
✎ tools
-markers, letraset pro markers, watercolors (maimeri venezia), stabilo point 88, fineliner pencil 0.5., pilot g-tec c.4, brushes, acrylic colors, fimo, cloth, cotton, button, beads, plastic gems, sequins… fantasy & love.
- macbook pro OS X, Nikon Coolpix L19, Nikon D3100, wacom bamboo fun, photoshop cs6, indesign cs6. 
art / drawing / movies / party / tea time / dye / shopping / fashion / colors / cats / horror kind / gossip / toys / barbies / monsters / my little pony / superheroes / comics / bats / bones / tv serials […]

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