17 febbraio 2014

I'm back!!

Hi Sweeties! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I'm finally back!!! wiiiiiiiii!!! this is the first post after a lot of time and there are some big news to share... ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

first of all I've decided to try writing my next posts in english (this is definitely not my mother language, so please be patient if my english in not perfect >_<)... I've thought that some of my followers aren't italian, so maybe in this way it could be easier to chase my posts…

▲ second news: me and my boyfriend moved in a new home!!! it's a really small apartment, and this is not practically a palace…. but it's our first love nest and I literally adore it!
this is a new experience for me, so I've tough that it could be funny to talk about it…^_^
the dream of my life it's to leave this place and go abroad, I'm fortunate because i can do my job everywhere but to do it I need more incentives and inspirations… and unfortunately the country where I actually live it's beautiful but it's really "antiquated" and narrow-minded…and here my job isn't completely considered a real job, and I don't have many opportunities to realize my ambitions…
but this is a lovely starting point and an exiting adventure ^_^ wiiii…this is my crib:

▲ other news: I can't really live without cats in my life, and leaving my lovely furry friends has been so painful (although i moved just a few kilometers from the house where i grew up >ヮ<) …so  since we arrived in the new home we started searching a little kitty to adopt… and a few weeks ago she's finally arrived!!!! her name's hedwig (like harry potter's pet Snowy Owl)…she's the most cutest cat that I've ever seen…she's white (and pink^^) with big blue eyes and a lovely little face, she looks like a smaller and cuter Falkor… she's a bit crazy and also super sweet….she follow me everywhere and always want a lot of cuddles …this is really the sweetest thing in the world…

▲ then, I finally bought a smartphone… I'm not really suitable at this kind of things (I'm a bit scared about technology and I've always a lot of problems using it)…but I really need it because of my job…so…welcome in twentieth-century lolle!! wiiii! naturally, I immediately started to turn it in a tribute of pinkness !!! I'm a bit obsessed about this color ^_^  (now I'm on instagram [l0ll3_]!! wiiii)
▲ in the last period I was really really creative and productive… I've made a lot of new stuffs for my shop and I've drawn all the time!!! and I've got a lot of new ideas and projects and I really hope to have the time to do all what's on my mind…hope this inspiring period never ends!!!! ∩(◕ヮ◕)∩


6 commenti:

  1. Your new place looks so cute!

    1. ^.^ aww! thank u ♥ ! for me it's still a little empty...I'd like to buy a lot of amazing stuff to fill up all the empty spaces...but I'm always broke >_<

  2. Oh, I love your new place! And all of your creations!
    It's kind of you to write in English, but I just have an Italian translator on so I can read your posts.


  3. ^_^ thank u so much lauren ♥
    ...anyway, no prob, it's really useful for keeping me in training! ;)

  4. your apartment looks so cute (& thank you for posting in English haha) ♥